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"mirror 2" 2007

Nanako Kawaguchi
"Melting point"
2007.3.17 Sat - 4.21 Sat.

Yuka Sasahara Galleryでは3月17日より川口奈々子の個展、"Melting point"を開催いたします。

Yuka Sasahara Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of ‘Melting Point,’ a solo exhibition by Nanako Kawaguchi starting on March 17, 2007.
What Kawaguchi considers to be the most important when making art, she says, is to repeatedly walk back and forth within her own world. Through the recurrent process of tracing her original drawings, gradually transforming the shapes and then reconnecting the lines, she seeks to capture the glimpse of the moment at which a brand-new image is born.
Kawaguchi’s visions are not meant to be read into as a story or an episode. She simply creates a random image by layering various motifs on a tracing paper and selects certain segments of the image that conform to her intuition, with which she then produces a completely new composition. The progression sometimes results in a spontaneous and haphazard collapse of the entire imagery, which adds to the strangeness and vibrancy of her paintings.
Using motifs taken from nature such as volcanoes, rivers, and waterfalls, her visual formulas always transform themselves into bounteous yet somewhat ambiguous figures, but they soon reappear somewhere in the canvas hidden within the tangles of a woman’s hair or drops of overflowing tears and blood. Faced with her paintings you cannot but feel helpless, almost as if you are seeing before you some kind of a natural phenomenon that cannot be controlled by man.

As your eyes roll across the shapes that connect one after the other and traverse across countless motifs, you will certainly find yourself lost somewhere in the crevasse of discovery in Kawaguchi’s paintings that surpasses beyond all dimensions of time and space, somewhere deep within the world of her imagination.

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yukasasahara gallery yukasasahara gallery

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