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"千夜色枕" 2010

Yuki Mashimo "The resounding gong"
2010.4.24. Sat. - 5.29 Sat.

Yuka Sasahara Galleryでは4月24日(土)から5月29日(土)まで、ましもゆき個展「鳴鐘鑼」を開催いたします。

ましもゆき(1984年生まれ)は2007年に東京造形大学を卒業。2008年の東京オペラシティアートギャラリーでの「project N」の展示で注目を集めるようになりました。

Yuka Sasahara Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of 'The resounding gong', a solo exhibition by Yuki Mashimo from Saturday 24th April to Saturday 29th May.
Yuki Mashimo (1984-) graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2007 and gained attention in the Tokyo art scene following an exhibition at 'Project N', Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in 2008.
Using black ink, Mashimo draws birds and flowers on paper in the style of traditional ink and wash painting. What the viewer sees in her works, however, is neither gorgeous blooming flowers nor pretty butterflies. Indeed, in Mashimo's images, we see the stamens and pistils of flowers growing towards the ground meaninglessly, birds artificially decorated and moths sporting gaudy patterns.
Thematically, presenting motifs that are generally thought to portray negative connotations is of considerable importance to Mashimo.
Utilising thin tipped pens, the artist meticulously draws birds' feathers, motions of falling petals and Japanese decorative patterns. With almost grotesque precision, Mashimo produces work with a fascinating life force depicting piled up lies, hidden and ignored disgrace and jet black nights.
In 2010, Mashimo was nominated for the VOCA Prize and is quickly becoming one of most promising artists on the scene. In this exhibition we feature the artist's latest seven works.
We hope you enjoy Mashimo's first solo exhibition in two years.


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