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"カーテン curtain" 2007

三宅砂織 Saori Miyake
2007.10.13 Sat. - 11.17 Sat.

Yuka Sasahara Galleryでは10月13日から11月17日まで三宅砂織個展「CONSTELLATION」を開催いたします。



Yuka Sasahara Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Saori Miyake, held from October 13th to November 17th, 2007.

Saori Miyake (1975~) mainly creates 2-dimensional works including photographs and paintings. One of her most remarkable works is the photograms. She first draws out dots of various sizes directly on to the film, which she later puts it flat against the photo paper and exposes it to make the prints. The technique she uses in making both these photograms and her other ink-on-aluminum paintings originates in the lithographing experience that she had in school.
During her process of art-making, she focuses on the interrelationship between the two elements of sensation and emotion, both of which give us a strong perception of the reality. Each and individual element may be trivial and small, but when added together they could be truly moving. Such an effect presents itself only when sensation is connected with emotion in a way that reminds us of the constellation of the stars.
The exhibition will present about 10 photograms and ink-on-aluminum paintings by Miyake.
Please come to enjoy Miyake’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo.

yukasasahara gallery
yukasasahara gallery yukasasahara gallery

yukasasahara gallery