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"World Fishing"

Masanobu Nishino
Wandering Wonder
2008.10.18 Sat. - 11.22 Sat.

Yuka Sasahara Galleryでは10月18日から11月22日まで西野正将「Wandering Wonder」展を開催いたします。


今回も映像、写真、インスタレーションと様々な作品を展示します。映像作品はYuka Sasahara Galleryでは未発表の過去の作品に新作を加えたものを一挙公開。また新作の写真作品の他に、今年1月にアグネスホテルで行われたアートフェアで好評だったインスタレーションのシリーズ最新作をご覧いただきます。



Yuka Sasahara Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of 'Wandering Wonder', a solo exhibition by Masanobu Nishino from October 18th to November 22nd.

'There are various feelings of wrongness in my everyday life.
I am glad and anxious with these feelings, which are wandering and come around to me without any patterns.'

In 2006, Nishino presented the intensive works that related to interesting moments which is lurk in the everyday life by using video, painting and photography in his solo show.
In this exhibition, also he is showing various works such as video, photography and installation.
We exhibit his latest and unpublished video pieces for the first time at Yuka Sasahara. Furthermore, there are his latest photography works and  latest series of installation works which gained popularity at Art@Agnes in January 2008.
We hope you enjoy Nishino’s solo show for the first time in past two years.

yukasasahara gallery
yukasasahara gallery yukasasahara gallery

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