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Katsuhito Yamamoto
2008.5.17 Sat. - 6.21 Sat.

Yuka Sasahara Galleryでは5月17日から6月21日まで山元勝仁「PLANETIZE ME」展を開催いたします。
展覧会タイトル"PLANETIZE ME"は、自分自身を惑星化するという山元勝仁が作った言葉です。自身を惑星に見立てて構成された展覧会はまるで、表層に生命が誕生し、さらに何らかの環境やルールが生まれいく地球誕生を思わせます。前回の自身初の個展「INNER LAYER SHOW」では、紙に色鉛筆で描いたものを切り取り、壁やパネルなどに立体的に貼付ける作品において、日常におけるさまざまな出来事や、繰り返される思考や感情などを表していました。山元は作品を作るうちに、紙片の集まりとその隙間が大陸や海やジャングルを上空から見た世界地図のようになっていると感じ、神が七日間で世界を創ったとすれば、山元もまた同じように、山元だけの惑星を創造したいと思うようになりました。本展覧会で初めて発表される円形パネルの作品には、惑星の始まりと外部の環境、つまり山元自身の始まりと世界との関係が表されています。


Yuka Sasahara Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of“PLANETIZE ME”, a solo exhibition by Katsuhito Yamamoto held from May 17th to June 21st.

The exhibition title of “PLANETIZE ME” is Katsuhito Yamamoto’s own invented word, that is to ‘planetize’ one’s own self. Structured by portraying the artist himself as a planet, the exhibition inspires the birth of Earth, as if witnessing the beginning of life, its various environment and physical laws on Earth’s surface. In the artist’s preceding first solo exhibition, “INNER LAYER SHOW,” he exhibited works which he produced by cutting color pencil drawn papers and pasting them three-dimensionally on to wall or panel. With this the artist presented various happenings, repetitive thoughts and personal emotion involved in everyday life. In the process of making his works, Yamamoto felt that the assembly of pieces of papers and its gaps were becoming like a world map of the continents, ocean, and jungle seen from a bird’s-eye view. If God created the world in seven days, Yamamoto desired to create his own planet likewise.

The round panel work exhibited for the first time in this show represents the relationship between the beginning of a planet and its external environment -- that is to say that the relationship between the beginning of Yamamoto himself and the world are exposed. There will be an installation as well as eight other works using panels, all exhibited for the first time. We hope you enjoy “PLATENIZE ME.”

yukasasahara gallery
yukasasahara gallery yukasasahara gallery

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