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"Domestic Story" 2005

「ドメスティック・ストーリー -家の中から-」
Akiko Yanagimoto "Domestic Story"
2007.6.30 Sat. - 8.4 Sat.

Yuka Sasahara Galleryでは6月30日より柳本明子個展「ドメスティック・ストーリー -家の中から-」を開催いたします。


Yuka Sasahara Gallery is pleased to announce “Domestic Story,” a solo exhibition by Akiko Yanagimoto.
Akiko Yanagimoto (1979~) is a sculptor and knit artist who recreates ordinary domestic scenes by stitching fields of bright color onto transparent vinyl sheets, leaving out only the silhouettes of the people within. She creates what she calls ‘domestic art,’ bringing attention to the quiet things that subtly exist as part of our everyday lives and within the ordinary cycle of human existence that we otherwise would not notice. Using her homey skills of sew and stitch, she explores the heart of a family, the most basic unit of society to which we all belong.
This exhibition will feature 6 new works by Yanagimoto in which she seeks to depict the feeling of alienation that all of a sudden could occur in situations that are familiar and close to home. Using vinyl sheets and colorful yarns, she elaborates on her own experiences in the past to stitch out fiction-like scenes of non-fiction where unbelievable things could happen to you at any given moment. When seen through the transparent sheets, what is beyond her work becomes part of her world, part of her domestic story.

We hope you enjoy the Netherland-based artist Yanagimoto’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo.

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yukasasahara gallery yukasasahara gallery

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