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Chihiro Yoshioka / Noriko Wada
2008.12.20 Sat. - 2009.2.14 Sat.

Yuka Sasahara Galleryでは12月20日(土)から2009年1月31日(土)まで、今後活躍が期待される若手アーティスト2人によるグループ展、「吉岡千尋/和田典子」展を開催いたします。


Yuka Sasahara Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of ‘Chihiro Yoshioka / Noriko Wada’ an exhibition of promising young female artists from 20th December 2008 to 31st January 2009.

Chihiro Yoshioka (b. 1981) present her oil paintings, tempera paintings and a set of curtains made of victoria lawn. The curtain features small drawings and pasted small ornaments.
Noriko Wada (b. 1980) displays her oil paintings typically painted using wavy colorful lines. Her paintings revolve around the theme of ‘a girl’s room’ and we see her imaginary ‘girl’ depicted within the canvas. She highlights the memories from her childhood and her anxious moments within her everyday life.

This exhibition represents the first large -scale show in Tokyo for both artists.

We hope you enjoy ‘Chihiro Yoshioka / Noriko Wada’

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yukasasahara gallery yukasasahara gallery

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